Why We Don’t Buy Iodoral On Amazon

Several people have contacted us offering to sell Iodoral at volume discounts for a price significantly lower than our regular wholesale price. These folks said they buy from Optimox in such large quantities that they could afford to undercut them. We didn’t believe it, and you shouldn’t either. If you’re ecstatic about the deal you’re getting on Amazon, perhaps you should read the fine print again. We’re not saying all Amazon sellers are frauds, but we are saying there are enough of them to warrant close scrutiny of the seller. Have a look at this article:


The market for counterfeit drugs is large and widespread. If you think only big name drugs get counterfeited, think again. Iodoral is a counterfeiter’s dream. It has a generic plastic bottle, a simply printed label and unmarked tablets. Not only that, it would be easy to get away with it too!

Here are some things which should set off a few alarms during your buying experience.

  • Optimox only sells to doctors and certified health practitioners, but you’re buying it at a huge discount from a sex toy shop (yes, this really happened)
  • The seller has no knowledge of or interest in the product, or the research invested in it
  • The seller sells at a price which appears to cause them a loss

Consider this for a moment. Amazon charges really large fees to package and ship products. So when you buy a product with free shipping which ships from the Amazon warehouse for $61, the seller nets about $49, or less if they’ve paid to ship the product to the warehouse. Ask yourself, “Why would someone sell something for zero profit?” The answer is invariably something which ruins your exhilaration of getting a great price.

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