Veggie Power and other news!

As most of you know, I have been managing the website and the sales of Iodoral for some time. Nancy works in the cosmic zone on matters of higher importance. She’s alive and well, but unable to tend to the daily affairs of Quackcenter. My fiance, Bernadette, and I returned from Italy last week to find that Quackcenter was redirecting our customers to a bunch of other sites. This was done by using exploits to penetrate our WordPress installation (our site runs on WordPress, a popular website server script software). Files were compromised by overwriting parts of pages shown to every visitor. To make matters worse, it was a number of pages, and the hacker appears to be able to do it whenever they want because they left the backdoor open somewhere. Finding the backdoor and closing it has been very frustrating, and is a work in progress. I appreciate your patience. We are still here and we will never send you anywhere else intentionally. If you find yourself somewhere you didn’t want to be, please delete your cookies, clear your cache and try again a little later. We are working to correct the problem.

In other news, I have been running my truck on used fryer grease for a while, and started a grease recycling company, Veggie Power! T-shirts and coffee mugs will be available soon on the website.


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