Dogs and Iodine

The most interesting thing about this article is that, although it pretty clearly spells out that iodine deficiency is the cause of hypothyroidism, and gives the minimum requirement, if you go to the second page, it doesn’t even mention correcting the deficiency to solve the problem!! It’s all about medicating the dog, which is typical medical model thinking. [eyeroll] If you have a dog you suspect may be iodine deficient, send me a SASE and a note and I’ll send you a few tablets for him or her. I don’t know about you, but I think I’d rather be on iodine for life, which helps the thyroid and all other tissues to function correctly, than medication, which may weaken the system and doesn’t solve the problem of iodine deficiency. (PS Sometimes meds are needed too, but personally I’d prefer to correct deficiencies first.)

 Dr. James Howenstein – Discussions About Iodoral

There is a VERY interesting article by Dr. James Howenstine here. There is only one thing in Dr. H’s article that I would take issue with. He mentions that more than two drops of Lugol’s could cause symptoms of toxicity. From my perspective as a Colon Therapist for over 20 years, my sense of that issue is that the things that very occasionally come up, such as frontal headache, skin eruptions/rashes, and constipation, are actually signals of DE-toxification from overloads of toxic, um, “stuff” in the liver and thyroid particularly. (Dr. Howenstine mentions the interesting fact that bromine fills up the thyroid’s iodine receptors, and see my update note above for Dr. Abraham’s remarks about the headaches. Also, the skin is your largest organ of elimination.)

Dr. James Howenstein – Discussions About Systemic Enzyme Therapy

There are quite a few other enlightening reads on his site as well.

Dr. Wong – Systemic Enzyme Therapy

Bev Ferguson

 A friend  who runs the Kombucha Center also has this beautiful site about the thyroid/adrenal connection, VERY fascinating. It’s worth a long read. Be sure you get all the way down to the picture of the frog and visit Bev’s Jump For Joy Page!


The makers of Iodoral, and a great source of additional research on the effects of iodine deficiency and iodine supplements.

Hemp Information

I recommend going through all the tabs, starting with Hemp 101. After you read this site, you may wonder, as I do, why industrial hemp is still under the regulation of the DEA, since it is not, and cannot be used as, a drug! Shall we go see the governor about this?

High Tech Health

I think this is the very best Alkaline Water machine. High Tech Health says, “You are what you don’t excrete,” and I agree!! I’ve had one of these Ionizers for 7 years and when I travel I carry this alkaline water with me. The machine is about $1300. From my experience with it, I would buy it again at twice the price!! Their whole site is interesting.

Alkalize for Health

This site contains a HUGE amount of true information on health and no BS. This writer is very aware of many things. His knowledge base is similar to mine, so naturally I agree with everything he says. Well, almost. I love his style! Get ready for a long and interesting read!!

The Boston Community Choir

An Iodoral customer of mine, Lisa, having noticed that the top line of my business card says Trust God, Move Forward, sent us an invitation to check out The Boston Community Choir, of which she is a member. This integrated Gospel choir, the only one in Boston, has a very nice site

Music for the eyes: a wonderful site featuring glass artists:

Beautiful, Calming Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps
Thousands of fun cat photos:
Fun greeting cards:


A guy named TC has written quite a few articles on men’s health, and got my attention when he posted the article about iodine deficiency. Better late to the party than never arrive. Kudos.