What are enzymes?

Systemic Enzymes, A Primer (of sorts)


Let me say at the outset that I do not know everything. I am not looking for a following. Of course I would like to sell you lots of systemic enzymes, but it’s more important to me that your health be served. I invite you to explore this information.

April, 2011, Update Vitalzym has stopped working for me. I don’t know if it was due to being reformulated in January, 2010, but I am unwilling to sell something I don’t use myself and so I no longer offer it on this site.

Instead after much discussion and research I am using, and offering, several formulations from the company which actually manufactured the original Vitalzym that I loved so much. They’re less money, and they do have the effectiveness I was used to.

I’ve built a separate page for each one, but here is a brief description.

Exclzyme® is a synergistic combination of several different kinds of enzymes for total body support. It is comparable to the original Vitalzym. A bottle of 450 capsules is $99.95 plus postage.

Serracor-NK® professional strength enzyme blend is more focused on circulatory support and removing inflammation and is stronger than Exclzyme. A bottle of 300 is $124.95 plus postage.

Floracor-GI® is a Candida yeast cleanse and intestinal cleanse formula I’ve been seeking for years. It combines both enzymes and a very superior mix of probiotics. A bottle of 180 is $45.95 plus postage, 2 for $84.95 plus postage.

Enzymes are the biocatalysts necessary for the chemical reactions associated with breathing, growth, reproduction, digestion, and all other metabolic functions in the biological terrain called the body. As we age, we produce fewer enzymes. When enzyme production declines, as it does starting when we are only 27, our biochemical laboratory cannot function at peak efficiency as it did when we were younger.

The end result is that fibrin, that stuff circulating in the blood that is used to help heal wounds and form scar tissue, starts to be laid down where it doesn’t belong, to help stabilize the body. But the body can become so “stabilized” that we start to feel stiff and it gets hard to move, get up, walk, or do the simple things we used to do without thinking. Fibrin is also deposited in the organs as well as the muscles, joints, and blood vessels. We end up as a walking bundle of scar tissue, stiff and dull and feeling old.

Proteolytic (protein-eating) systemic enzymes dissolve fibrin and help to remove it from the body. Not just any old fibrin, but the kind that is in the wrong place. The result is that tissues and joints begin to be more supple.

My own experience with Vitalzym started in February, 2003, on the day before the 3rd anniversary of my Mother’s passing. I was poking around the internet and thought I would look for something to listen to while I did a mindless task. I stumbled upon a lecture by the very brilliant Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD, about Vitalzym, a systemic enzyme formula. As soon as I heard him speak, my hair stood up. I dropped the task and gave my full attention to Dr. Wong. I knew right away that I had to try this stuff.

This may seem strange, but the first thing I noticed, after a couple of days, was that my little pit-stops at night went from 2 hours apart to 4 hours apart. This meant my sleep was unbroken for a longer time and the quality of rest I was getting was better.

Over the course of the next few days, I noticed reduced pain, increased mental clarity, and more energy. I thought it was just wishful thinking. I thought, “This is too soon, it can’t be happening that fast. I must be making this up.” Then my boss said, “You seem to have more energy.” This was important since I worked with kids! Then a pain I’d been having from an old injury to my right wrist started to become less troublesome. My interest in life increased. I was full of ideas all the time.

I received a tape of Dr. Wong, talking about enzymes and their importance. I listened to it over and over again. I had never been aware of the extent and importance of enzymes to human life.

I became, and remain, convinced that systemic enzyme supplementation is essential to health. One of my clients has noticed the disappearance of a disturbing side effect from one of his many medications, taking only one capsule per day, which I don’t think is enough. Another, taking 9 caps a day, noticed some serious hip pain to be lessening after a day and a half. After 2 weeks on Vitalzym he rode a very demanding 50-mile motorcycle trail, and reported to me that he didn’t end up with two days of soreness and aches as in the past. He also wondered if it was just wishful thinking, but when a week passed and the improvements stayed and kept increasing, he was convinced. He says that in 7 years, fighting Chronic Fatigue (Epstein-Barr), he has tried over 400 nutrients and nothing even comes close to the results he has seen in just a couple of weeks on systemic enzymes. Perhaps the reason is that proteolytic (protein-eating) enzymes digest the protein coating on a virus, which removes its ability to attach itself to your cells. My, my! For more on reducing viral load, take a look at this article by Dr. Wong on “Fighting Viruses, and Winning.” Very interesting!!

COUMADIN ~ Systemic enzymes, while they may not actually thin the blood, do help blood thinners work better. If you are taking blood thinners and want off them, I feel strongly that medical supervision is important for this transition.

Of course, anticoagulants are not limited to Coumadin. Vitamin E and Ginkgo Biloba are also anticoagulants as well as aspirin, ginger, onion, garlic, ginseng and purple (Concord) grapes. Of all of these the purple grape is the strongest of the natural anticoagulants, if you eat the seeds and the skin with the grape, so in blood viscosity issues it may be important to take those things into account.
The original Vitalzym, now replaced on this site by Exclzyme®, was one of my mainstays for seven years, and I never wanted to be without it. Since I cannot take prescription drugs of any kind, being violently intolerant to them physically, I have had to search for nutritional answers to every issue since I was 22 (in 1965). As I got older I began to have fibrotic pain and stiffness. I discovered Vitalzym in 2003, and had immediate results with pain and even found an extra dose would handle the occasional headache.

If I could have only one supplement I would take systemic enzymes and Iodoral!! (yes, I know that’s two…) I think both are vitally important.

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Update 1-25-06 After 13 months on Vitalzym, on April 7, 2004, I met the love of my life, Willie. Without Vitalzym I am certain I would not have evinced the happiness and vitality he found so appealing. To him I owe the deepest debt of gratitude for holding the space for me to show up in. Thank you, Darlin’.

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