My Iodoral Experiment

Iodoral Experiment
5-26-05 to 3-12-12

March 12, 2012 What’s working best for me is 12.5 mg per day. I plan to take Iodoral forever!!

July 1, 2011 About January 1st I thought I would give Iodoral a rest. What a dumb move. By April 1st I was exhausted and started over with 12.5 mg. Now I’m back up to 25 mg and ready to increase again.

July 26, 2010 I’ve been taking Iodoral now for 5 1/2 years. I have no plans to stop taking it. The body’s daily need for nutrients is evidenced by the fact that we must eat every day. There are receptors for iodine on every one of our trillions of cells, and I don’t think they’re there for decoration!! Therefore, I take 50 mg of Iodoral per day, in the morning, with food.

January 20, 2010 I’m taking now 50 mg a day, in the morning, consistently. On that amount I don’t seem to get cold and it feels to be a comfortable balance. Although I was taking a little desiccated thyroid last year, I don’t seem to need it now, as long as I stay with the Iodoral.

2009 Experimented with various amounts, and came to the conclusion that 50 mg a day is the right amount for me. Everyone is different, so you’ll have to experiment to see what is right for your own particular physiology.

November 4, 2008 Some remarks about Fibromyalgia in Dr. Brownstein’s Iodine book made me decide to try taking 100 mg/day of Iodoral, 50 mg AM and 50 mg mid-afternoon. Of course I did not take my own advice about working up slowly and immediately doubled what I was taking on November 1st. I threw myself into a mild detox and today I feel foggy and have a slight headache. Bah!!

May 23, 2008 Since the passing of my beloved husband last November, it has been a rough 6 months. I will spare you the details. I am back on 4 Iodoral a day, total 50 mg, and trying to figure out which way is up. I’m so grateful for the knowledge of nutrition and health, so that I don’t fall for any suggestions by well-meaning friends that I may suffer from a valium deficiency!!

January 7, 2007 Based on some comments by Dr. Abraham, I’ve decided to go back to 50 mg a day (which equals 4 tablets of the 12.5 mg dosage. Dr. Abraham said that “too energetic” feeling is aka NORMALIZING METABOLISM. We’ve all been walking around in low metabolism and we don’t have a clue what normal is!! Then when normal shows up we freak out!! So I am going to put up with that feeling and see if it incorporates, and also to see if my numbers increase on the Urine Iodine test. The first time I did it, after about 20 months on 37.5 mg Iodoral a day, I excreted only 44% of the loading dose!! (It’s supposed to be >90%) Get the Urine Iodine test from Dr. Jorge Flechas, MD, at his excellent site. Along with your test comes a phone consultation with Dr. Flechas, who was one of the formulators of Iodoral.

I’m also taking Standard Process Drenatrophin, Desiccated Adrenal, and Thytrophin, to support BOTH adrenals and thyroid, as I am convinced they are linked, for me at least. No, I can’t get you the Standard Process products, but they are the best in my opinion. Your nutritionally oriented Chiropractor or Naturopath should be able to get them for you. Visit Standard Process for a referral to your local source. They do not sell to the public but only through professionals.

6-06-05 The experiment is a flop. When I tried to get into taking 4 Iodoral a day, I got too energetic and started running around like a chicken with my head off, and also snapped at hubby a couple of time, which is NOT in my program called “Happy Marriage”. It didn’t help that I was engaging my normal one-day fight with a traveling virus, or that my hubby was sick at the same time. Also, I would forget to take the second two until around 7 pm, when I knew it would keep me up at night, but having only taken two in the morning, which I know isn’t enough, then the next day I’d drag a little. I have concluded that 3 in the morning is the right dose for me for now.

If anyone besides that one man mentioned on the net has had success with Iodoral and diabetes, please email me about it. My hubby is fighting that and I would like to share your experience with him.
May 27, 2005 1:10 AM Took 2 tablets at dinner, which was at 7 or so. I am wide awake! Tomorrow — er — today I will take the second 2 tablets at midday.

5:30 AM can’t sleep any more. Got up to do stuff that I didn’t do yesterday.

8 AM Seeds of Rebellion and oatmeal for breakfast with supplements.

3 PM difficult day. Said, not very tactfully, some stuff on my mind. Had to apologize. Sleepy. (no wonder) Took second 2 tabs and fell asleep at computer. Feeling yoyotic (as in, like a yo-yo).  Maybe just normalizing the effects of the powerful Matrix Energetics seminar last weekend, my first. Getting things done though. Energetic and doing well.

It strikes me that even if I get signals that my daily iodine intake is too much, I know that I still do not have the reserves yet, because if I skip a day I really feel it.

May 26, 2005 I’ve been saying I was going to start taking more Iodoral and increase every 3rd day or so, to see what happens. Dr. Abraham says there is almost no danger of overdosing, and of course I will cut back if I start to be jumpy, sweaty, irritable, too wakeful, nervous, or whatever. So I took 2 this morning. I’ve been taking 3 in the morning, but I plan to take 2 tonight as well for a total of 4.

Oh, by the way… I haven’t weighed myself in about 6 months, since starting Iodoral last November. It appears I’ve lost 10 lbs since starting on Iodoral. Since I have not changed my diet or habits, it may be because I have more energy and I feel like moving, so I exercise a little more. This experiment is partly to see if revving up iodine intake will take off more weight while not sacrificing muscle or making me cranky.

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