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Iodoral original size, made by Optimox, contains 5 mg iodine and 7.5 mg potassium iodide per tablet. This has been determined to be the ideal balance for all body tissues. Iodoral may clear up an amazing array of symptoms and little annoyances in our bodies which may be caused by a simple iodine deficiency! Check it out here! I hope this information will be helpful to you.

NOTE: I offer ONLY the original Iodoral, made by Optimox!!

Iodine?? That’s for cuts and scrapes, isn’t it? What do you mean, every cell in the body needs it?

Well, there is actually lots of information available about iodine deficiency. It turns out that a whole bunch of symptoms of iodine deficiency have now been made into separate diseases. My opinion, of course, is that the drug companies are looking for more stuff to throw pills at. But if you look carefully at the facts, often iodine supplementation is all that is needed. I will try to make sense of this for you on this page. I will quote freely from research and tell you where to find more information. Iodoral is one of the most valuable supplement I’ve found.

The US government has set the minimum daily adult requirement for Iodine at 150 micrograms (mcg), which is just enough to prevent goiter in most people. That translates to 0.15 milligram, or put another way, 15% of ONE milligram. Now consider the fact that the coastal Japanese, some of the healthiest people on earth, consume approximately 90 times that much, or 13.5 milligrams in their daily diet, which is high in fish and seaweed!

I heard recently that the body contains as many cells as there are stars in 500 galaxies. I add that every one of them has receptors for Iodine. I tell this to people who think Iodine is only for the thyroid. I battle daily the ignorance of Iodine on the part of doctors who want to yank out the thyroid. Once in a while I get a letter from a person who has said NO. Thank God for these brave souls who do not just lie down like a sheep and bleat their compliance.

My experience
I’ve had a low thyroid all my life, probably due to a mouthful of mercury starting when I was 6. No matter what the temperature outside, I always had to have plenty of clothes on. I first went to Florida in August of 1985 to study massage and bodywork and get licensed for colonics, my primary work at that time. I wore turtlenecks and floor-length wool skirts for the first month I was there. It was 90 degrees at 6 AM.

Over the years I’ve tried a lot of natural treatments, and eating fish and seaweed (yum!) and taking thyroid supplements, and even painted iodine on my skin, because someone told me that the thyroid can’t make its hormone, thyroxine, without iodine. Nothing worked. I was still cold. And tired!! The armpit temperature test on awaking was always about 96.8 and it went up to maybe 97, still below normal, in the two years I faithfully took a natural thyroid substance that was prescribed by a doctor. I now know I needed both iodine and a lot more of the thyroid medication than he gave me.

Iodine Patch Test
In 1998 from the Pottenger Foundation came this news: You can test your thyroid for free at home by painting some Tincture of Iodine on your skin, about 1 1/2″ in diameter. If it lasts less than 24 hours, your thyroid is deficient in Iodine. We all tried it, I and all my clients. Not one of us had enough Iodine. Free Iodine: do it again, every day, until it DOES last 24 hours, and then monitor about once a month. This works, minimally, but gets to be a real nuisance.

Important Note: Do NOT take Tincture of Iodine internally!!

This helped me and others somewhat, BUT I still had some problems, and observed them in others. The part that was missing turned out to be the fact that ALL body tissues need Iodine and the Thyroid is pretty much the only organ that can find Iodine on the skin. Read on.

More parts of the answer arrive.
When I read about Iodoral in the October and November, 2004, issues of Second Opinion Newsletter, I was struck by how very many of the symptoms of iodine deficiency I had, and had noticed in my clients without being able to help them. By the way, Second Opinion is one of my favorites of the several renegade health letters I subscribe to. I recommend it most highly. You can subscribe on that link, and also by the way, I didn’t get paid for saying that.

We need to expand our thinking about iodine. It is mostly thought of as being needed by the thyroid only. However, breast tissue needs lots of iodine as well. In fact, as I’m fond of pointing out in emails to people who write to me, there are iodine receptors on ALL of our thirty-trillion or so cells, and I don’t think they are there for decoration!!

Urine Iodine Test
For real information, not just, “Oh, it faded in 2 hours,” I recommend that you have a urine iodine test to determine if you are possibly deficient in iodine. This test measures very accurately the level of iodine in the whole body. You take 4 Iodoral tablets (50 mg) on the first morning, throw out that morning’s first urine, and then collect all urine for 24 hours. Then a sample is tested for iodine. If your body has enough iodine, you should have excreted 90% of what you ingested. I’ve been getting reports from people that they are excreting 14-53%, nowhere near enough. One man’s test came back as “No iodine detected”!!! The test is available at Dr. Jorge Flechas’s excellent site  and costs $80, last time I looked. Note: unless you are a medical professional, Dr. Flechas’s lab is not legally allowed to send you the results directly. Please put the name of your physician on the form where it says “Ordering Physician”. If your doc pooh-poohs the whole idea, call me for an alternate solution. This test will soon be available without hassle from this site.

Also I am looking for a simple home test, more accurate than just timing how long it takes for a patch of iodine painted on the skin to disappear. I’ll post if I find one.

5-27-05 beginning of experiment to see if I can determine how much Iodoral is optimum for me.

Here are some questions from folks who saw this page and wrote me, and my replies.

On the Testimonials Page are comments from clients and customers who are using Iodoral with good results.

Since many doctors do not have correct information about these issues, you MUST educate yourself so that you can help the doctor take care of you. Here are my favorites.

Published studies on Iodoral are available at Optimox or in printed form from me for $5 Priority postage.

I strongly encourage you to order Dr. David Brownstein’s book, “Iodine, Why You Need It, Why You Can’t Live Without It.” Dr. Brownstein is an intrepid researcher and physician who has several excellent books to his credit. This book will really open your eyes to what’s the big deal about Iodine!! It is inexpensive and very readable. It is now out in the Fourth Edition. Even if you have a previous edition, the Fourth Edition is extremely important and packed with new information, such as the fact that TSH rises when we start to supplement iodine. This is normal but it usually freaks out the doctor. Since Brownstein is an MD, his book may help you to educate your doctor, if s/he is teachable. There is SO MUCH in this book I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Dr. Brownstein also offers a book on Overcoming Thyroid Disorders, also excellent.

I have a copy of a Harvard monograph published in 1940, called The Endocrine Function of Iodine. I will let you know if I can understand it. Harvard University Press considered Iodine so important that they chose it for the topic of their very FIRST monograph. This book is hard to find but if you want a copy look on Bookfinder.com.

Hypothyroidism Type 2: the epidemic, by Dr. Mark Starr, MD. Although Dr. Starr doesn’t discuss much about Iodine, the book is very important for anyone with thyroid symptoms.

As with so many other things in my professional practice, when I’m impressed with something myself, I decide to offer it. I don’t sell anything I don’t use myself.

UPDATE: Conversation with Dr. Guy Abraham about side effects!! Please click here.

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Iodine Article

There is a VERY interesting article by Dr. James Howenstine here. There is only one thing in Dr. H’s article that I would take issue with. He mentions that more than two drops of Lugol’s could cause symptoms of toxicity. From my perspective as a Colon Therapist for over 20 years, my sense of that issue is that the things that very occasionally come up, such as frontal headache, skin eruptions/rashes, and constipation, are actually signals of DE-toxification from overloads of toxic, um, “stuff” in the liver and thyroid particularly. (Dr. Howenstine mentions the interesting fact that bromine fills up the thyroid’s iodine receptors, and see my update note above for Dr. Abraham’s remarks about the headaches. Also, the skin is your largest organ of elimination.)

The rare reports I get of these things seem to come especially if someone is trying to correct a long-standing deficiency too quickly. I’d like to remind everyone that pouring a whole box of soap in the washing machine will NOT get the clothes cleaner, and in many cases will foul or plug the machine! Remember, the body doesn’t like being force-fed any more than you would, and unless you are at death’s door, comfort is the key. Don’t overdo it. I’m now taking 50-100 mg Iodoral a day and I still feel that I’m processing old stuff out. Drink water!!

For questions about Iodoral, email Nancy Adams, LMT, at RemoteVwr@aol.com.

Peace and love to all.

Necessary disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and most represent my opinion based on study and experience. Nothing on this page is intended to prevent, diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease. Our only intention is to improve health. If you try the homework offered on this site and get well, it is not my fault.