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Veggie Power and other news!

As most of you know, I have been managing the website and the sales of Iodoral for some time. Nancy works in the cosmic zone on matters of higher importance. She’s alive and well, but unable to tend to the daily affairs of Quackcenter. My fiance, Bernadette, and I returned from Italy last week to […]


As of 10/21 all orders of Iodoral have been filled and shipped. We are out of stock again of all sizes. New orders will have a shorter wait period as we return to a normal shipping schedule around the end of the month. However, all orders of Iodoral will still have “backorder” status until normal […]

Iodoral on the way!!

Hooray! Some very good news came in from Optimox this morning, they have finally shipped our order from 3 months ago and it will be here in a day or so. I have prepared all the backorders for shipment, excepting the orders of 6 bottles or more, and they should all go out Tuesday. Many […]

We’re out!

There is no more Iodoral of any size or strength available until September. At the time of this writing, Optimox is so backlogged they will not even accept our order for September. As soon as we are allowed to place an order we will resume sales on a backorder basis, that is you will be […]

Optimox shortages…(reprise)

Looks like there are Iodoral shortages in the wind again. This is due to unforeseen circumstances at Optimox, namely the death of Dr. Abraham, and the subsequent Abraham Family takeover. We don’t know if the company will be sold, scrapped out, shelved, or it’s business as usual. It looks as though for the time being […]

Why We Don’t Buy Iodoral On Amazon

Several people have contacted us offering to sell Iodoral at volume discounts for a price significantly lower than our regular wholesale price. These folks said they buy from Optimox in such large quantities that they could afford to undercut them. We didn’t believe it, and you shouldn’t either. If you’re ecstatic about the deal you’re […]