Questions To Ask Your Doctor

by Nancy Adams, LMT

Dr. Thomas Szasz, MD, whose work I admire greatly, says on this page that the following quote attributed to Dr. Benjamin Rush, MD, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, is a fake. I am keeping the quote because it expresses MY sentiments. I happen to think that the situation described here is present in America today and many other places throughout the world. Out of this quote came this page, to try to alert people to the idea that perhaps they will like to take on their health as a project and quit leaving it to people who only want to throw pills at them.

(Note: I wrote to Dr. Szasz for permission to post his page, and he honored me with a yes, and commented that he liked this page. Thank you, Doctor.)


Don’t you wish they’d done this? I do!

Note: The following statements are made under my First Amendment guarantee of Free Speech. I think it is still intact as of this writing.

I keep thinking of things to add, so check back from time to time to see if I thought of more stuff. If YOU think of stuff that belongs here, please write to me!

A big thank you to the person whose email I’ve lost and therefore his name, who sent me the info about Dr. Klenner, question #34. Due to the difficulty of renumbering, new questions are added at the end, or as subnotes to other questions, if that is where they fit.

Are we living in a medical dictatorship? I think so, and it’s getting worse. See question #35 and some of my other remarks on this topic. If you are having trouble with this concept, maybe you would like to try asking your doctor some of the following questions, if you aren’t afraid of him/her. (Hints for answers are in parentheses.)

1. Have you educated yourself about alternatives to drugs and surgery? If so, what is the extent of your knowledge of alternatives? If not, why not? (Some doctors go to a weekend seminar in Holistic Health, and come back and put a certificate on the wall which they then point out to their patients.)
1 a. What is “Energy Medicine”? Have you ever heard of Quantum-Touch™, Matrix Energetics™, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)™, Cranial work, Polarity, Reiki, Body-Talk™, B.E.S.T.™?

2. Do drugs actually make a person healthy, or do they just suppress symptoms? Please explain your answer.

2 a. Does surgically chopping out the offending part remove the cause of disease, or does it just leave the body disabled and unable to issue a distress call?  Note: Patting my head, shoulder, or fanny, and telling me not to worry my pretty head about it does not constitute an acceptable answer.

3. What will the Medical Review Board do to you if you find an “alternative” method of treatment that is cheap and that works, and start using it on patients, and they start getting well? For hints, study the life and work of Wilhelm Reich, Ryke Geerd Hamer (see question 20 b), and others.

4.  What does your HMO contract say about undermining patient confidence in so-called “standard” treatments? May I read it? (Most HMO contracts contain a clause forbidding the doctor from showing it to a patient. I wonder why! Could it be that most contracts also provide for a bonus to the doctor for limiting treatment? Let’s ask!)

5. Do you get a bonus from your HMO if you minimize patient care, saving the HMO money?

6. How much does your fear of the State Medical Review Board or HMO bureaucracy influence your decisions about a patient’s care?

7. Please recite the Hippocratic oath and explain it to me.

8. Do you feel that as a physician your hands are tied with regard to giving the finest care to your patients? By whom? What are you doing about this?

9. Do you smoke?

10. What percentage of your patients keep getting sicker even though you give more and more medication? (Check patient records.)

11. Do you feel torn between your HMO, which wants you to do less, and the drug companies, which want you to prescribe more drugs, or do you see no conflict here?

12. Do you ever say to a patient, “Let’s TRY such and so drug.”?

13. Have you read any of the following books? Your Body’s Many Cries for Water; Flood Your Body With Oxygen; Feel Like A Million; Prometheus Rising; Matrix Energetics; Quantum Healing; Sharks Don’t Get Cancer; The Golden Seven Plus One; Toxemia Explained; Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle; Life, Health, and Longevity; Oxygen Therapies; Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management; You Can Heal Your Life; Questioning Chemotherapy; Vitamin C & Cancer; Curing the Incurable; Racketeering in Medicine; The Manufacture of Madness; The End of Medicine; Healing Light; Confessions of a Medical Heretic; Quantum-Touch; The Reconnection; any book by Masaru Emoto; Juicing for Life; The Dancing Wu Li Masters; any book by Deepak Chopra; Oxygen Multi-Step Therapy; The Power of Intention; any book by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer; Breakthrough: The Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century; any book by David Brownstein, MD; Hypothyroidism Type 2; The Healing Factor; Alkalize or Die.

14. Do you own stock in an HMO? Why?

15. What percentage of your gross income goes to pay for medical malpractice insurance? Why?

16. What would you say to a patient who wanted you to monitor his or her progress with alternative methods and nutrition, and who refused all or most “standard” treatments?

16 a. Do you refer patients who keep complaining of not getting well under your care to a psychiatrist for some nice shut-up pills?

17. Have you studied nutrition? For how long? What do you think “good nutrition” is? Do you practice that in your own life?

17a. Do you believe that nutrition and relaxation are relative and relevant to health? (Contributed by my friend Indigo, who fired TWO HMO doctors because they said NO to this question.)

18. Are you qualified to help a person actually build health or do you only know about disease? (Hint: examine medical school curriculum.)

19. Psychiatrists: Do you view a patient as a defective device in need of chemicals?

20. Oncologists: Who was Dr. Otto Warburg? (Hint: Check Nobel Prize records in the 1930’s and 1940’s. He won it twice.)
20 a. Who was Dr. Max Gerson? (see link) (Oh, by the way, dear reader, my mother cured herself of leukemia in 1955 using Dr. Gerson’s simple plan, refusing ALL conventional treatment. She then lived till 2000, another 45 years, and passed away at the age of 88.)
20 b. Who is Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, and why is he in a French prison? (see links)

20 c. What is pleomorphism?

20 d. How many alternative treatments for cancer are there? Please describe what you consider to be the three most promising ones.

21. Pediatricians: If I have a child with cancer and I decide to treat with natural means because I am convinced the “standard” treatments will poison or even kill my child, can the authorities force the imposition of such treatments on my child against my wishes, and even take my precious child away from me? (No hints. The answer is yes.) Another note on this: There is a standing offer of $100,000 to anyone who can prove that conventional treatments for cancer actually work. It has never been claimed. More info from National Health Federation.

21 a. What causes cretinism? (Hint: Iodine deficiency during pregnancy.)

22. Does the Medical Review Board have legal immunity from being sued? Why?

23. Why is the World Trade Organization trying to reclassify food supplements as drugs? (Hint: Follow the money.)

24. Why are the major drug companies secretly forming “nutra-ceutical” divisions? (Hint: see above.)

25. How will Codex Alimentarius further compromise my freedom as an American citizen and thereby override the U.S. Constitution? (Hint: Read it.)

26. How is fluoride used in Germany? (Hint: Check prison guidelines under the heading of keeping prisoners in line.)

27.  Why will an insurance company pay for a coronary bypass surgery which costs well over $40,000, but not for chelation therapy which may eliminate the need for surgery and costs only $4,000?

28. Why are doctors arrested, threatened, and de-licensed for using safe, inexpensive alternative health therapies? (Hint: Ask the drug companies.)

29. What is Essiac? (Hint: ask a Health Food Store.)

30. How much money is spent annually by drug and tobacco company lobbies in Washington, D.C., to “convince” (bribe) politicians to legislate for corporate profit aims? Is this amount a secret? Why?

31. Who stands to benefit from my being ill and needing medical care? (Hint: Money, money, money.)

32. What do you think of the old Chinese system that was put in practice by the Yellow Emperor, that the doctor only got paid as long as he kept the patient well? What would happen to your practice if you tried this?

33. Now that Vioxx has been retired in disgrace, would you mind telling me how much of it you prescribed and why? Do you have any reservations about drug sales pitches as a result? (If s/he says no, RUN, do not walk, out of the office!!)

34. Who was Dr. Fred R. Klenner, M.D., and what did he do that was so great? Hint: Dr. Klenner’s astounding work with 60 polio patients.

35. April, 2005: What is California Assembly Bill #291 about? (No hints here. This dangerous bill, if passed, would legislate the psychiatric screening for depression of all expectant mothers, and the screening of all new mothers for post-partum depression. Is mandatory medicating of unwilling “patients” next? Aside from the dangerous precedent and destruction of medical freedom, there is also great controversy regarding treatment of so-called “depression”, from throwing chemicals at it to nutrition. Note that many so-called anti-depressants CAUSE the very symptoms they purport to treat, such as suicidal ideation, depression, fatigue, and sadness, not to mention turning a person into an emotionless shuffling zombie. Thorazine, Paxil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft and Prozac come to mind.)

36. When high-ranking officials in the FDA leave FDA, where do they often go next? (Hint: check with “Big Pharma” aka the big pharmaceutical (drug) companies.)

37. Doctor, do you know ANYTHING about iodine and its use in human nutrition? Note: If you think this question is too confrontive, try this one: How many symptoms of iodine deficiency masquerade as other diseases? or this one: Please tell me how an iodine deficiency could affect me and my children. Then tell me how the salt-free diet you want me to follow will give me the iodine you say I get plenty of in iodized salt.

37 a. I hear there are receptors for iodine on every one of my thirty trillion cells. Are they there for decoration, or what?

37 b. If I have a goiter, which is one way the body signals severe iodine deficiency, and you want to chop out the offending part, aka remove or destroy my thyroid, how is my body going to send the distress call? Or don’t you want to hear it?

38. Who is Jim Humble? What is MMS and how does it work? (Hint: visit Jim’s website for a full explanation.)

39. Doctor, what is Albumin and what is it for? If it’s low on my blood test, how do I raise it? (I very much doubt that s/he will have even heard of the brilliant Dr. Kenneth Seaton, who wrote about albumin in this article, and spent over 40 years discovering the real truth about how contagious diseases are spread. He developed a hygiene protocol which strengthens the immune system.)

This next question should be saved for when you’ve told your physician how an “alternative” method got you well and s/he says it’s only because you believed it and brushes you off, or worse, that s/he doesn’t want to hear about it, or even scolds you for thinking about it. I recommend trying to ask this question without rolling your eyes:

Is medicine an empirical science, open to experimentation and learning, or a dogmatic religion wherein I have to believe everything you say or be damned?

This last thing is to be reserved for when you have decided that you are taking charge of your health and you have lost your faith in the doctor’s methods because 14,000 pills later you are still sick and getting worse:

GOODBYE, Doctor. You’re fired.

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