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Necessary disclaimer: Please note: this page is for information only. I am not promoting these things, only bringing them to the reader’s attention. No intention is asserted or implied that anything on this page will diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure any disease. My focus is solely on building health. Guess what? When we build health, disease can’t gain or keep a foothold. The only dangerous thing on this page may be some new ideas, and the freeing of your mind from Medical Trance.

Here is how to tell if you are in Medical Trance:

  1. You will print out everything on this page and from all the links here and take the whole thing to your doctor and ask him if he approves of it.
  2. You are afraid to ask your doctor about all this stuff, or ask him to suggest alternative approaches or nutrition because he might get mad or he already sneered at you once before for asking.
  3. You found that changing your diet and adding some serious nutrition or other methods made you feel better, and you are afraid to tell the doctor.
  4. Your doctor smokes and you don’t think there’s a conflict.
  5. Your friends scoff at the idea of alternatives, tell you to just go to the doctor “because doctors know how to get people well,” and you believe them and don’t go checking it out because you don’t want to offend them and/or you refuse to think for yourself because you have been trained that way.

In December, 2007, I got a letter from Alysha asking if I knew anything about alternatives for cancer. She sent a few resources which I list below. Following that is a list of alternatives that I uncovered when my late husband was diagnosed with cancer in May, 2007, and I found out how much I didn’t know. One thread that runs through almost all writings on alternative approaches is that they work better if the patient hasn’t already been poisoned and burned with conventional methods. However, faith in the treatment of choice is an important factor, maybe the most important one.

Alysha’s list of Sources of Cancer Help:

Jerry Brunetti
“Cancer and Nutrition” DVD $20-25
Patrick Quillin
“Beating Cancer With Nutrition”
Dr. Thomas Tong, ND
Nature’s Things
William J. Bryan
Bryan, TX


My Comments

When my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in May, 2007, we both did a lot of research. He found that it was more work than he wanted to do, so he has now died, on November 15, 2007. The hardest thing for me about losing my husband to cancer is my UTTER CONVICTION that he could have gotten COMPLETELY WELL. It feels very unfair. I feel both frustrated and sad.
Here are some wonderful references I found when researching for him, and many of them are so very simple and easy to do. There is much more “out there” — this is just the best of what I found.
As a medical intuitive for about 25 years I was never able to see cancer in the body. I thought this was a failing, so I rarely told people that I was a medical intuitive. Then, researching for my husband, I stumbled across the idea that CANCER IS A FUNGUS. As soon as I had that information / knowledge / insight, I could see it, and I saw in him where it was and how bad it was. I saw it in places that the doctor hadn’t seen yet.
PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT diagnose. Only doctors are allowed to diagnose, and quite often they are wrong anyway. (Example: The doctors at the VA diagnosed my husband’s bloody urine as a bladder infection and gave him antibiotics for 4 months. Oh, by the way? Antibiotics feed fungus.) However, I recommend the AMAS test for cancer markers, very accurate and very inexpensive, from OncoLab. They send you the kit for free and you have your blood drawn and processed according to instructions and send it back with your payment. This is one of the best sites. Bill Henderson has an archive of all his newsletters on this site, and his book is excellent.  This site is about the fungus link to all diseases, including cancer.

I recently learned that apple pectin is an anti-fungal. My mother swore by pectin and said it helped to lubricate her joints. Doug Kaufmann of Know The Cause says Arthritis is caused by a fungus!! I found apple pectin very reasonable by the pound at I am adding 1 T a day to my already extensive protocol., and others linked on that page.
There is a lot of information on this site about a great discovery called MMS. Remember for this protocol you MUST use a kind of juice that has NO VITAMIN C ADDED, because Vit. C inactivates the MMS. I have found that the cloudy apple juice often sold in the Produce section of the supermarket usually does not have Vitamin C added. Also, Tree Top apple juice in a gallon size was one I found and that was at Smart and Final in Porterville CA, along with Chef’s Review brand juices in a 3-quart size, also at S & F. READ LABELS.
Letter from a reader
Dear Nancy,
I am writing to thank you for sending me the MMS DVD.  I sent it on to my friend who was diagnosed with liver cancer.  She ordered the MMS and in just 2 months she is now cancer free. 

You can buy MMS from for only $19.99 for 4 oz, and you start with ONE DROP.MMS makes a lot of people feel nauseous, including me. Putting it in through the skin does not have this effect. Check out picked up a toenail fungus when living in Florida for 14 years. I put some activated MMS on it and let it soak in, just a few times in 2009. Eight months later it is almost completely grown out again, without the fungus. Did the MMS do that? I can only speculate………Another fantastic immune booster, not being used specifically with cancer patients that I know of, is something called Diamond V XPC.  XPC is actually an animal feed supplement. The people version of this is called Epicore. It was found that the people working in the plant where this is produced simply don’t get sick, some of them for decades, even though their families still do. (Good health isn’t catching. Darn.) I offer 1/2 lb of Organic XPC, marked for pets, for $15 including shipping. Suggested use is 1/4 teaspoon a day on the pet’s food. I don’t have a page on it, so if you want some, send a money order to the address at the bottom of this page.A very controversial treatment and claimed cure for cancer including brain cancers is Rick Simpson Hemp Oil. You can read about it on Rick’s site, and see the movie about it at to Dr. David Brownstein, research has shown that the right kind of iodine can REVERSE Fibrocystic Breast Disease BEFORE it turns into cancer. Iodine is an anti-fungal. I use (and sell) Iodoral, which is Lugol’s Solution in tablet form.   I have heard there are cancer centers using large amounts of Iodoral on cancers, but I do not know any names or locations.

In late June, 2010, I received a phone call from a woman who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She told me she had refused the standard treatments, changed her diet, and was using Lugol’s Solution, several heavy applications a day, on the affected breast. After a few weeks of this, a raised blister appeared over the site of the lumps, and after a few days it burst. She stood over the bathroom basin as a liquid poured out of her breast, and after she had expressed as much as she could she put some more Lugol’s into the hole. Ouch!! She said, “I did me a little dance!” This brave and determined woman told me her breast was healing, still intact, and she knew the cancer was gone. I hope she will write up her experience and keep in touch with me.

Vitalzym is another immune booster that digests fibrin where it is laid down in places it doesn’t belong. Like in muscles in Fibromyalgia. (Fancy doctor word for “fibrin in the muscles, painful.”) I take Vitalzym. I also sell it.
In case anyone reading this wonders about my site, the QUACK Center, let me say that in MY opinion, QUACK stands for QUAlity Care with Kindness. And we had better hope there is a competent “quack” out there, since there is NO EVIDENCE in the medical literature that chemo and radiation work, and plenty of evidence that they cause secondary fungal growths called cancer that the patient “doesn’t usually live long enough to enjoy,” to quote my late husband. See some of my extremist writing on this:  The man who runs this fantastic site has accumulated a knowledge base similar to mine, so of course I agree with everything he says on it!! LOLAlso, join the International

Of course, there is much more, which I’ll add as I find it and have time. Ideas for additions to this page? Write me.

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