American Quack Association

Alternative and Proud!

Our real founder, my dear friend, the late Dr. Roy Kupsinel, MD, turned over the American Quack Association to me. He asked that I not publish his name in connection with the revival of the AQA. This was due to a scurrilous lawsuit by a self-appointed nay-sayer against the American way of “Think for yourself”. Now that Roy has “refolded” (his term), I can gratefully acknowledge him as one of my greatest teachers in the health field. Rest in peace, my friend.

The dear illustrious founder had this to say about how the AQA was named:

“Quack usually has a negative connotation. My idea is to take something that is negative and turn it into a positive, combining it with a sense of humor. We usually do get a laugh out of it. It stands for Quality (QUA) Care (C) with Kindness (K). so you have the name “Quack” in Quality Care With Kindness, and that’s what we physician members of the AQA render. But we also have lay members, too.”

I can think of no better simple statement regarding what we members, practitioners and lay people alike, are all about.

ASAP, I’ll write how you can join and get a Certificate that proclaims you to be a proud Alternative Practitioner or Booster, in defiance of culture and in celebration of your health freedoms!! Even your dog can join if you use alternative care on him/her.

Footnote: AQA is a trademark of the American Quack Association

Nancy Adams, LMT, Director.

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