Dr. Akhtar’s Jumpin’ Habanero Juice

Dr. A’s Jumpin’ Juice

aka Hair-raising Habanero Drops

Many, many thanks for this recipe to “Dr. A”, my nutrition-minded MD, who prefers his name not be on the internet because he has to get along with the Good Ol’ Boy docs in this town.

Go to the store and buy 1/2 lb of habanero, also called Scotch Bonnet, peppers. They are the hottest.

Also get a bottle of vodka. No, you aren’t going to drink it, so if you are an alcoholic, get over yourself and just buy it. Anything you don’t use for the Jumpin’ Juice you can pour down the sink if it makes you happy.

Put on some rubber gloves (if you don’t you’ll be sorry) and get out your VitaMix or blender.

Rinse the peppers.

Pull the stems off the peppers and put the peppers in the container. Hold them down (they tend to float) while you pour the vodka over them to an inch more than the peppers.

Process on High (with the lid on, please) for 3 minutes in the VitaMix and longer in the blender. Let settle for a minute.

Pour the mix into a glass canning jar big enough to have some room to shake it. Use a funnel. Do it over the sink so if it spills a bit it is easy to clean up.

When you pour the stuff the esters from the peppers will get in your eyes and nose and you will probably cough for several minutes. Unless you wear a welding helmet, and probably even then.

Put the jar aside and shake it every day for at least 2 weeks. Make sure you label it so someone doesn’t drink it. If you are a purist and you insist on making it with water, be sure you put it in plain sight so you can watch it mold.

Put on some gloves and pour through 2 or 3 layers of cheesecloth into a clean jar (coffee filter is too fine). Use a jar from which you can easily put it into a dropper bottle. Leave the rest of the mix in the canning jar to keep aging.

How to use the Jumpin’ Juice:

You can look up the benefits of hot pepper on the internet. Jethro Kloss says in Back to Eden (which I started reading in the 1960’s) that Cayenne (which was the hottest pepper he knew of) “tones the circulation without increasing the pulse.” Dr. A. recommends it to anyone for improving micro-circulation. That means fingers and toes, and everything in between.

Please start with ONE drop in a little water, tomato juice, soup, or (not a typo) hot chocolate. Work up to your comfort level. I am using two half-droppers from a one-ounce bottle in my daily Joint Compound. My son came over the day I made this for the first time and tasted a half teaspoon before I could say, “Watch out!” He then turned beet red and drank a quart of water. Hey, it works!!


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