Post Polio

Post-Polio Letter from Mary

Thank you, Mary, for allowing me to post your experience with Kombucha Tea.

From Mary’s original contact letter 3/2/04:

“By way of chatter, I raised Kombuchas for about ten years, beginning in early 90’s with a  starter from East Earth Trading Company.

“At the time I was dealing with Post-Polio Progressive Muscle Atrophy with related arthritic changes and depression.  The Kombucha had a marked and rather immediate positive effect on the joint function and depression/energy levels.  It has made a big difference in my quality of life!

“During recent major cancer treatments, I witlessly let mine go dry, and the ones I had frozen awhile back do not produce the right fermentation smell in tea solution so I’m not trusting them.”

And from the permission letter, 3/7/04:
“Since I’ve just finished a course of radiation treatments which came right after a very rough seven months of vile chemo drug combination, (Cisplatin/Topotecan), I’m quite enthusiastic about using Kombucha, especially for its’ detoxification properties.  A lot of the battle with cancer is the recovery from the treatments and their damaging toxins.  Kombucha seems to me admirably suited to helping the body recover and regain a functional balance.

“I’ll let you know if I notice marked attributable effects.

“Like the Post-Polio problems, this is an area that isn’t particularly well-served by A.M.A. style medicine.  Having been helped so much by other people’s suggestions and experiences, I’m always glad to contribute any bits that might help others.”

Thank you again, Mary.

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