Hepatitis C Letter

Letter from Brenda regarding use of Kombucha

[words in brackets are added for clarity]

“I have been making the Kombucha Tea for five years now … My husband was diagnosed with Hep C five years ago [Hepatitis C is a viral liver disease that can cause severe liver damage] and the physician told him that if he had a compatible liver in his hand that he could not help him. Although he went through the interferon treatment for 18 months, this is when a colleague introduced me to the [Kombucha] culture. At that time, my kids called it voo doo and my husband stated that it was from God. Within a month of drinking the tea and researching other herbal remedies, we treated the disease from both angles and to this day there is no viral load to be found in his bloodwork. The physician stated it was impossible and still just shakes his head every year during his annual exam and when he receives the results of his liver profile.

“Two years ago I had to do a research paper as a 42 yr old college student and decided on Kombucha Tea. I was amazed that the Russians have done so much research and the vinegar drink is actually referred to in the Bible. As my husband said, “It is from God.””



Thank you, Brenda, for permission to post this letter to help others.

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