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 “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift.” — Albert Einstein

Hello! Thank you for visiting my website! I’m a nutritionist, having made a lifetime study of nutrition to keep myself well in self-defense, because of discovering in my 20’s that prescription drugs made me deathly ill.

 I had a college teacher once named Ellen Kalm. She was trained as a concert pianist. At the age of 17 she had been in a concentration camp with Viktor Frankel during WWII and saw the suffering. He taught her, and she taught me, to build a bridge between what you love to do and what you will do for a living. Ms Kalm wanted to help others, and she loved music, so she became a music therapist.

This is why I’ve tried to build a bridge between healing and art. I have studied many alternative health practices that work. Part of my practice is in encouraging art therapy among my clients.

Update! July, 2006. A customer wrote and said he knew Ellen Kalm! He put me in touch with her. How grateful I am that I had an opportunity to tell HER what a deep impact she has had on my life. She is now 80, working with terminally ill children and adults in Walnut Creek, still an astonishing woman, still a mentor. Thanks, Ellen.

I named The South Coast QUACK Center originally as a joke. It was a take-off on that wonderful cartoon of a doctor gravely saying to a worried patient, “Orthodox medicine has no known cure for your condition. Fortunately for you, I’m a quack.” The founder of the American Quack Association, my friend, the late Dr. Roy Kupsinel, MD, of Florida, said that QUACK stands for QUAlity Care with Kindness.

My focus in my counseling and health practice has always been Harmless Alternatives That Work And Are Affordable. My philosophy of healing is that human life is a multifaceted jewel and we must keep all facets polished to have good health and well-being. That means both the physical body’s needs and the needs of the mind, heart, and spirit. Those of us who are sensitives and came to earth to help others are feeling a lot of cosmic change and pressure now and the effects can include anything from physical illness to a general angst that can’t be pinpointed. It is hard to find comfort sometimes because it is a cosmic thing and not just a matter of changing location, association, or factors in one’s life such as nutrition and exercise, though these things often have a good effect.

I’ve worked with quite a few people whose abilities are beginning to surface and who have no idea what is happening to them. It is extremely important now to strengthen immune systems, exercise, and eat right ~ and practice love and compassion.

I am an intuitive Life Coach. In addition I am a Matrix Energetics™ (ME) Certified Practitioner, having attended Level I & II nine times with Richard Bartlett, ND, DC, plus Whizard’s Training (Level III) and Certification. ME is a transformative energy work. ME uses self-intelligent energetic applications, and it is best explained by quantum physics principles. ME is done mentally, using focused intent, which is NOT the same as “running energy”. I’ve been doing Rebirthing, Cranial Work, Remote and up-close Energy Work since 1988. Matrix Energetics™ is the pinnacle of everything I’ve ever studied.

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and Licensed in NLP. I am certified in Lymphology.

I studied and practiced EFT from 2005 to 2010. In June, 2010, I found by chance (uh-huh) the “Faster EFT” techniques of Robert Smith. His site and over 300 YouTube videos have grabbed my attention in a big way. His techniques work!! Here is a terrific sample video. I will be studying his method via training videos and becoming certified, and will then offer the work here. Stay tuned!!

At the request of a friend, I googled “EPFX/SCIO”, a machine which apparently does energy assessment and work. He asked my opinion. I replied, “The system costs $18,500. Sessions are $150. It may indeed do all they say it can do. Many people can only believe or understand what they can perceive with their basic 6 senses (the 6th being the sense of the location of the body in space, known as the proprioceptive sense). They cannot relate to all that I have written above (I had explained to him my practice of remote assessment and work with focused intent), which I experience as a daily reality, and are good candidates for the machinery approach. That type of person needs something they can see. My truth is that those things are training wheels for the real thing. The fact that it can be done at a distance means it is true energy work and is not dependent on the machine, the machine serving as merely a focus point for the work. I am willing to bet the inventor knows this.”

Much of my work can be done over the phone. Doreen Virtue told me I have the “four clairs” ~ I am a spiritually based non-religious clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, intuitive empath. This can cut two ways, often giving me information that I would have preferred not to have, such as when someone I care deeply for is lying to me. Doreen told me that I have a group of unseen helpers. How exciting!! It probably explains why I sometimes get results with a person when I have no idea what I’m doing…except, before I start:

asking for guidance on where to turn

and the best outcome for all concerned.

I work with a limited number of teens online without charge, young people who usually contact me originally to ask about astral travel. This is the clue to me that they are reaching beyond the bounds of the limitations that most kids are taught are “all there is to life”, which Dr. Richard Bartlett, the founder of Matrix Energetics, calls “consensus reality”. They usually are desperate, highly articulate, very high consciousness, living with some sort of limited-consciousness parents, and the kids are going mad. I feel many of them are Indigo Children. I offer them homework in nutrition, meditation, and relating with parents, so they can at least stand it until they leave. If they do the homework, as with most all my clients, they do start feeling better. (If you are a teen reading this, searching for something, and wondering if you may be an Indigo, check out this very interesting page of art and writings by indigos, or this loving description of who we are.)

 Update: Here (www.sunfell.com) is an incredible site about adult indigos. You can also read Wendy Chapman’s wonderful article Are You an Adult Indigo? at www.metagifted.org. When I read this article in 2002, I cried for three days, in RELIEF. It explained my whole entire childhood. I thought, Aha, so THAT’s what was wrong with me! NOTHING!! If you are reading about Indigo Children and you relate but aren’t a child, please read the entire sites noted above at both Sunfell and Metagifted. If it leaves you crying, you are likely one of us. Write me.

 PLEASE NOTE!! I DO NOT DO FORTUNE TELLING OR GIVE LOVELORN ADVICE! But I’ll be happy to offer you what help I can. I have been taught that I must charge for my services. Also, my time is valuable. If you think I should be working for free, what would you suggest I live on? In one of my clinics I had one morning a week where I would hold a free clinic for those who couldn’t afford my full fee. Everyone had to bring something. One woman brought me one stem of wilted brocolli. She was someone with very adequate resources to pay my modest fees. That was the end of the free clinic.

 If you’d like to discuss some coaching sessions, please email me. I charge $75 for an hour’s session. I want to help, and many times, I can. If I can’t help you, I will tell you so.

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