Golden Nuggets

I keep finding so much great stuff that I decided to make a special page for it all.

These are some of the things that I and others are using to help us with maintaining health and making a better life. I hope you will gain from knowing about them. Some are ideas, some supplements, and some equipment and stuff. A few are affiliate links.

Go exploring, and have fun!! Just click your BACK button to return here for the next adventure!

I’ve recently learned to my utter delight that Jerry Gillies, a most articulate prosperity teacher and coach, and author of the best-selling book, MoneyLove, is alive and well. I read MoneyLove in the late 80’s and bought his tapes from Nightingale-Conant. Book and tapes are now out of print, BUT Jerry is revising MoneyLove, and I can hardly wait!! Meanwhile, Jerry has formulated a fantastic opportunity to partake of his profound knowledge, called the MoneyLove Club. I signed up the very minute I learned about it and I invite you to check it out. Jerry Gillies has a string of credentials as long as your arm; his ideas changed my life. He also has a couple of blogs ~ start here.

Not exactly a health link, but still a worthy addition to this page, The Meeting School is a Quaker secondary school in New Hampshire. I attended this school in 1958-1960 and I’m delighted it is still going. What other school have you ever heard of that has a Spiritual Transformation Program, without pounding in a specific set of rigid beliefs? I invite you to go have a look, and make a donation.

Cellerciser!! ~ Don’t just exercise when you can Cellercise!! Rebounding is the best exercise, according to NASA, and the Cellerciser is among the best equipment choices (my opinion). I have the one that folds into a handy wheeled case for travel. Thirty seconds on this baby will change your physiology for the better. Take a look!

Water ~ I consider this site one of the most important on the net. Please drink more water. None of us are getting enough water.  After watching my dear friend Bob dehydrate himself literally to death over my protests, I have a new appreciation of the miracle water represents to our wellbeing. Nutrients are more easily absorbed in the presence of water, and pain is less. Biochemistry takes place in solution.

Low Level Lasers ~ We are electrical systems. There are many ways to correct what might be termed an electron deficiency. The Q-Laser system is possibly the most elegant way of correcting it.

Canadian Herbalist Tony Pantalleresco ~ Tony says he’s “just a guy who knows some stuff”, but the “stuff” he knows is profound. He has both a website and quite a few interesting and easy-to-follow videos on YouTube demonstrating how to make various healthy potions like Energizing Honey and Thermal Formula. I think his “stuff” deserves a much wider audience. Please take a look. His open style is a treat.

Maria Atwood ~ “Cook Your Way to Wellness!” ~ After watching Maria’s DVD several times, I want to highly recommend it. Click on Products, and then the blue Learning Tools tab. The best deal is Combo 101. Don’t let her folksy manner and simple methods on the DVD fool you. The lovely Maria is a highly trained professional with deep knowledge and wisdom and a lot to offer. This is a must for anyone who wants to approach food closer to its natural state with nutrients intact. I was inspired to find some raw goat milk in my area and start making kefir again. Thanks, Maria!!

Systemic Enzymes (Vitalzym) ~ Vitamins are actually co-enzymes and can’t absorb without enzymes. If you have a feeling your supplements aren’t doing for you what they’re supposed to, consider adding Systemic Enzymes to your program. Anti-inflammatory action as well. By the way, Systemic Enzymes and Digestive Enzymes are not the same in their actions.

Yogurt ~ Make your own!! Easy, fun, and, best of all, you know what’s in it!!

Kefir ~ Another free instruction guide to help increase our intake of probiotics.

Kim Chee ~ an easy recipe for a superior lacto-fermented food. Hot or mild ~ your choice!!

Iodoral ~ BEST Iodine supplement for thyroid function and all cells.

Immune System Tips

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